In Aid of Parkinson’s research



Frequently Asked Questions

I have emailed and called to book tickets but have not yet paid is my booking secure?

NO – No booking is secure until payment is received. We will have kept your interest logged but no tickets are guaranteed without payment.

Can I choose the restaurants?
NO – The idea of The Lloyd Addison Moveable Feast is that restaurants are selected for guests at random so you don't know until you receive your tickets where you will be dining.

Can you cater for Vegetarians & specific dietary requirements?
YES – all restaurants provide a vegetarian option as part of the menu, please note any other specific dietary requirements when booking and these will be logged with the restaurant prior to the event.

Can we walk between restaurants?
YES – the idea of the feast is to walk from restaurant to restaurant passing other guests on route.

Do I get a receipt for my tickets?
NO – The aim of The Lloyd Addison Moveable Feast is to raise as much as possible for research into Parkinson's. It would cost £400 to post receipts which would come out of charity funds.

When do I get my tickets?
Tickets are posted 1 week prior to the event so they will be with you approximately 4-5 days in advance.

Can I change my restaurants once tickets are allocated?
NO – This is the nature of the event, restaurants are randomly selected for each guest. It is difficult to co-ordinate the placement of up to 1,000 guests and it cannot be re-arranged at short notice once tickets are issued.

How many guests can go in 1 group?
It is possible for groups of 15-20 to eat together in the same restaurants but this would need to be requested at the time of booking.

If we book together does our party all go around together?
YES – we keep group bookings together unless over 20 and then we would need to request this with the restaurants.